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Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:53 pm by Deto_8

Futsal E-fans & Media Edisi Ketiga Tahun 2010 dijangka diadakan pada 5hb June 2010, Sabtu.

Insya Allah PCC akan menghantar 1 team....

Meeting penyelarasan akan dibuat dalam masa terdekat.

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Wed Apr 28, 2010 1:25 pm by sakur@86

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10-19 June 2010 | Sports Photography Workshop

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10-19 June 2010 | Sports Photography Workshop

Post  webxcrawler on Thu May 27, 2010 3:24 pm

Herewith tentative details for Sport Photography workshop during SUKMA Malacca.

Date : 10th – 19th June 2010

Event : SUKMA (Sukan Malaysia)

Venue : Malacca

Cost : RM1500 including lodging. Ideally, I will try to get a bungalow where we all can stay together and it will reduce our cost. The cost does not include meal. A deposit of RM500 once you confirm your participant.

First of all thanks for your interest on Sport Photography Workshop. As you know, SUKMA will be held in Malacca from 10th to 19th June 2010, and I think this is a good venue to learn and practice how to shoot sports as all event that will be contested during SUKMA is just like an Olympic and it’s not easy to get all sports at one venue. Furthermore its only comes in once in every two years. I will arrange all the media passes for participants.

Everyday you will be given assignment which sport to shoot or maybe you can choose what event you want to cover. It’s going to be hard work for almost 10 days. Every night we will be sit down together to do the editing and also learn from others what they have shot.

At this stage I have not made any schedule yet because I have to study the event and venue that the sport is going to take place. Will update you guys as time gets closer and once you confirm.

On lenses, ideally you have your own lens and if you have 300mm it going to be great. On my part, I can’t promise anything at this stage, but will try to borrow a couple of long lenses from Canon or Nikon if that is possible.

If you’re interested please do sent me your personal details and your passport photo for media accreditation to

I am sure we will enjoy shooting as there a lot of things to shoot and thanks for your interest.

Zainal Abd Halim


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